Indiana Soccer Players Hold “Make Your Own Ball” Initiative
Indiana Soccer Players Hold “Make Your Own Ball” Initiative avatar

Courtesy of Indiana Soccer Association

Courtesy of Indiana Soccer Association

September was Youth Soccer Month and players, coaches and soccer enthusiasts came together across the nation to celebrate the sport they love.

South Central Soccer Academy (SCSA) got creative with a “Make Your Own Ball Night” where players constructed their very own soccer balls. They also learned to appreciate the opportunities they have to play soccer while thousands of children around the world do not.

After the balls were created, the players took part in a bare foot game, kicking the “imperfect” balls about. It was an enlightening way to experience first hand some of the hardships youth soccer players face in third world countries.

“Indiana Soccer is always looking for creative and new methods to teach, inspire as well as educate our youth players,” said Steve Franklin director of coaching education for Indiana Soccer. “The enthusiasm and energy shown by the kids and coaches involved with SCSA’s ‘Make your own ball night’, not to mentioned the lessons learned, now puts the challenge out there to our other member clubs.”

For the full story please visit the Indiana Soccer Association website.



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