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It’s the final day of preliminary games of the US Youth Soccer National Championships in Overland Park, KS as 88 U13-U19 boys and girls teams are working hard to collect points. Three points are rendered for a win, one for a tie and zero for a loss. The top two teams from the U13, U14 and U19 age groups and pool winners in the U15-U18 age groups will advance to compete in the National Championship on Saturday and Sunday.

G14 YMS Xplosion 98 (PA-E) shut out NSA Rockets (IL) 3-0

G14 YMS Xplosion 98 (PA-E) shut out NSA Rockets (IL) 3-0

U13 Girls

Michigan Hawks 00 (MI) and NEFC Elite (MA) saw a lot of action out on the field, and though the Hawks produced an own goal, they managed to keep ahead and pull a 4-3 win over Elite. NEFC made them nervous, after Marykate McGuire scored a brace that kept them in the lead going into the half, but a hat trick scored by Alexa Spaanstra got the Hawks back in the running, and Madison Donley tallied the winning goal in the 62nd minute.

Legends FC 99 (CA-S) beat Liverpool Elite (TX-N) 1-0 to emerge the victors after a hard fought match. Alexis Rushlow scored a late 70 minute goal to put them up against the Michigan Hawks tomorrow.

U14 Girls

YMS Xplosion 98 (PA-E) had an impeccable finish against NSA Rockets (IL) with a clean 3-0 win. All three goals were scored in the second half- the first by Margaret Daeche in the 54th  minute, and Caroline Brie Pavol in the 60th and 69th.

Tophat 17 (GA) and Eastside FC 98 Red (WA) ended their game in a scoreless draw this morning, with both sides refusing to back down. Eastside will prepare to take on YMS Xplosion tomorrow in the Championship.

After today's win Eclipse Elite Black 97-98 (IL) will play in the Championship.

After today’s win Eclipse Elite Black 97-98 (IL) will play Ambassadors FC (OH-N) in the Championship.

U15 Girls

Eclipse Elite Black 97-98 (IL) were not not playing games this morning, shutting out Boise Nationals Italia (ID) 5-0 to get the crucial win. Goals were scored by Zoe Redei, Alissa Gorzak and Foster Ignoffo in the first half, while Gorzak and Ignoffo added goals in the second half.

Carlsbad Elite 97/98 (CA-S) also came to conquer, nabbing a clean 4-0 win over Empire Revolution Syracuse 97/98 (NY-W). Hayley Mayne opened scoring in the 7th minute and second half goals were added by Miranda Martinez, Sunny Dunphy and Mayne for the win.

MSC Coyotes Green (MD) survived this morning’s session with one late goal to defeat Tennessee SC 16 (TN) 1-0. Sarah Johnston stunned the crowd with an 80 minute goal to break the 0-0 stalemate and clinch the win.

A close game ended in a 3-2 win for Ambassadors FC (OH-N), who beat out Tampa Bay United 97 (FL) 3-2 to advance. United got on the board first with an early 3 minute goal from Paige Liebel but Sarah Krause was able to equalize for AFC before the half. She completed a brace right after halftime, with teammate Gabrielle LoPresti adding cushion in the 71st. Elaina Laxer brought some pizzazz to United with an 80 minute goal to end the game, but the Ambassadors had sealed their fate, and will play Eclipse Elite Black 97-98 (IL) in the Championship.

DMCV Sharks Elite (CA-S) beat Legends FC (CA-S) will take on Kings Hammer Academy in the Championship on Sunday.

DMCV Sharks Elite will take on Kings Hammer Academy in the Championship on Sunday.

U16 Girls

Aerial Chavarin led Bay Oaks Botafogo (CA-N) to the top today with a brace that shut out NSA Premier Jaguars (IL) 2-0. She grabbed the lead with her first goal early in the 4th minute, and with the help of her teammates, carried through to the second half and cushioned that lead with another goal in the 64th.

A face off between Kings Hammer Academy (OH-S) and 97 Louisiana Fire Navy (LA) ended in a 1-1 draw as two talented teams clashed for a coveted spot in this weekend’s games. Determination kept the board scoreless going into the second half, where Kassandra Ortega was able to break through and score for Fire in the 43rd minute. Incredibly, KHA matched their pace, and Lauren Nemeroff equalized a minute later! Nonetheless, KHA will move on to play DMCV Sharks Elite on Sunday.

It was a New Jersey face off with MFC Colchesters thrashing Toms River FC Elite United 96/97 (NJ) 9-3 in today’s match. TRFC had a rocky start, giving away the lead to MFC with an own goal in the very first minute of the game, but they would work hard to make up for that mishap. Although MFC’s Tanika Roach and Samantha DePinho added two goals a minute apart from each other, TRFC’s Amanda Carolan and Jacqueline Manza countered back with goals in the 13th and 16th minute. Pinho scored her second goal of the game to keep the MFC lead strong, but TRFC put away another from Carly Wilhelm. The rest was MFC history. Kathleen Bidad and Hana Kerner produced goals, but it was Roach who massed three more goals in the second half, totaling four goals scored in all.

DMCV Sharks Elite (CA-S) beat Legends FC (CA-S) 1-0 in prelims today. They will take on Kings Hammer Academy in the Championship on Sunday.

ICA Heatwave (IA) was all over the goal

ICA Heatwave (IA) was all over the goal

U17 Girls

ICA Heatwave (IA) wrapped up morning play with a smooth 4-0 win against Albion Hurricanes 96 (TX-S). One player went above and beyond to score all four goals- Rose Ripslinger. Her goal scoring spree led ICA to victory!

Cleveland United White (OH-N) took the big win from determined PDA Ginga (NJ) 2-1, scoring crucial goals in the second half of play. PDA’s Drew Topor opened scoring, and they held the lead into halftime. But, once the second half commenced, it was a whole other story. Kelly Novak equalized in the 44th minute and Sydney Elinsky supplied the winning goal to put CUSC on top.

Match Fit Chelsea Beat (NJ) will play Cleveland United White on Sunday after winning an ironically similar prelim match as them this morning. Match Fit beat Beadling Thunder (PA-W) 2-1 with two goals in the second half. BEAD opened scoring in the 37th min but Amanda Nardella and Victoria Pantaleo pulled Match Fit ahead for the win.

FRAM Premier (CA-S) annihilated BRYC 95 Elite (VA) 6-0 today, stretching their lead beyond reach. Victoria Bolden and Grayson Galbraith both scored braces while Ashley Gonzales and Celly Ruiz contributed goals of their own.

Team Chicago Academy-Botafogo (IL) earned a 3-0 victory today

Team Chicago Academy-Botafogo (IL) earned a 3-0 victory today

U18 Girls

Oklahoma FC 96 (OK) got the boot after Team Chicago Academy-Botafogo (IL) shut them down 3-0 in prelims today. Bryce Banuelos opened the flood gates with a 2 minute goal and two more were added by Zoe Swift and Meegan Johnston in the second half.

Lou Fusz Wipke (MO) displayed earned a nice 3-1 win against Connecticut Football Club (CT), staring with a first half brace scored by Melanie Donaldson. Caroline Militello tallied the final goal for LFW, and Emily Pullen nabbed a little bit of glory for CFC with a successful last minute to get them on the board.

It looked like a scoreless draw would be the result of hard, well played battle between VSA Heat Blue (VA) and Leahi 95 Premier (HI) this morning, but it was a last minute Victoria Burress goal that saved VSA in the 85th minute to earn them the coveted final spot against Team Chicago Academy-Botafogo on Sunday.

A nail biter of a game left onlookers guessing as FC United Select (IL) and Legends FC 94 (CA-S) matched each other goal for goal until the very end. Danielle Lopez scored for LFC, then FCU’s Abby Reed responded with the equalizer in the 54th minute. LFC pulled ahead again with Danielle Alvarez’s 69th minute goal, and there was FCU knocking on the door with a Montana Paley goal minutes later. A draw was looking like the ultimate outcome as the seconds ticked down to the end, but all of a sudden, Reed surged forward with a final minute strike, slamming into the back of the net for the win.

FC Pennsylvania Strikers (PA-E) fought till the end for an epic win

FC Pennsylvania Strikers (PA-E) fought till the end for an epic win

U19 Girls

It just wasn’t EGA Bravo (NE) day, losing to FC Pennsylvania Strikers (PA-E) 3-0 today with goals scored throughout the game. Daija Griffin opened scoring in the 9th minute to conclude scoring for the first half and Julia DiGiacomo opened the second half with a quick goal. Gina DiTaranto finished off the win for a clean shut out.

SC Blues (CA-S) had a tight match with NASA 12 Elite II (GA), beating them by one goal to secure the 2-1 victory. The game was scoreless going into second half, and then sparks began to fly. Kody Lavrusky  scored for SCB in the 51st minute, and Jocelyn Blankenship one upped the lead 2 minutes later. Alyse Scott got NASA a goal before the final whistle could sound, denying them any chance to equalize. NASA still has a chance for redemption, as they play SCB again tomorrow.

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