Indy Pro Soccer Team Name and Colors Unveiled
Indy Pro Soccer Team Name and Colors Unveiled avatar

Its been quite the momentous week in Indiana, as Indy Pro Soccer team owner Ersal Ozdemir announced the new team name, Indy Eleven and unveiled a sharp crest adjorned with bold red, white and navy colors.

“The fans of this team spoke loudly through the ‘Name the Team’ promotion that they wanted a traditional name that connected to the history of Indianapolis. The Indy Eleven is traditional, yet not trite. It’s unique, yet not gimmicky. It feels both fresh and historic,” explained Indy Eleven President Peter Wilt.

A massive crowd gathered at the sacred Soldiers and Sailors Monument for the memorable event, which included Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, Indiana War Memorial Executive Director Brigadier General J. Stewart Goodwin, USAF (Ret.) and Indiana Soccer Association President Murray Clark.

The patriotic name and crest honors the 11th Indiana Regiment in the Civil War, known for significant and honorable contributions in history not only for Indiana but also for the country as a whole.

Read the full story on the Indiana Soccer website: Click Here 




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