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Look Who Wished Us Luck at the Airport

Submitted by Federico Pavoncelli

July 25, 2012

The West Coast FC B19 Premier team a few minutes before boarding the plane to Charlotte, with the US MNT Head Coach Jürgen Klinsmann.










GSA Phoenix 93 Red:  Remembering GSA Phoenix 93 Red…

Submitted by Terri Peoples

July 24, 2012

This is a very special year for our team, this year, at U19, we are trying for an incredible THIRD time to win a National Championship and the most coveted McQuire Cup. Few teams get the chance to play three times in the most prestigious youth soccer tournament in the country.  It’s bittersweet in that, when these boys walk off the field after that last game, whether it be the final or just the third game in-group play, it will be the very last time they will ever play together as a team and get to represent their club GSA,  the club that’s been their second home since many of them were just little boys at five, six, and seven years old.

These guys have “grown up” together experiencing successes that very few youth teams will ever know.  They have won four Georgia State Championships, one Regional Championship, one National League Championship, two R3PL Championships, and two Disney championships, as well as many other smaller tournaments in and around the southeast throughout their seven years in competitive soccer.  Now they are competing for the big prize, the one championship that they cannot claim yet, but means the world to all of them, that of National Champions!

Led by coach Nuno Piteira, the GSA Phoenix 93 Red will leave a legacy at their club and will forever be known as one of the best teams to ever come out of GSA and the State of Georgia.  Being recognized not only for their superior record and play on the field, but for their desire to be the best and give the best of themselves just as coach Nuno guided them to do in the many years as their coach.  He is not only their soccer coach but someone who each and every one of them look up to and know they can always talk to if they ever need a friend. At U16 his players were asked to write some things about their coach, from the players own words they wrote…

—“Coach Nuno has a level of respect with his players like no other coach I’ve ever known and a passion for the game that is wild.”

—“Coach Nuno fosters success, as a team, we have seen more success than I could have ever imagined.”

—“Coach Nuno always ends each session with a life lesson…from keeping focused on a goal to standing tall in the face of adversity.”

—“Coach always tells us that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

He cares about his players, he doesn’t just coach his players in the game of soccer but in the game of life.  He has been an incredible guide and an inspiration for these young men, his team, his heart, his players. Nuno has played a huge part in the success of our team over the past five years.  GSA is truly blessed to have someone with such passion and knowledge leading their program.

This team started out as little boys and have since grown together into wonderful, young men.  This great game they’ve learned and played together over the years have helped them get there.  They are all going on to play college ball for schools stretching from Texas to Conneticut to New York to Georgia and all over the southeast.  They’ll still be playing, difference is, instead of playing beside each other they’ll be playing against each other.  The love of this game will always be in their hearts no matter where they play.  Thank you Coach Nuno and GSA for all the great years, we will never forget!

Bring it home GSA boys…bring home the National Championship!

The players listed below are the 2012 U19 GSA Boys National Series Competition team: Jack Falle, Georgia Southern University; Tyler Peoples, Furman University; Matt Shreiner, LeHigh University; Tyler Hilliard, Syracuse University; Essie Aburime, Tyler Community College; Tucker Coons, College of Charleston; Hugh Pringle, Syracuse University; Darvin Ebanks, UNC Chapel Hill; Walker Zimmerman, Furman University; Connor Yeaney, Hartford; Dominic Bonilla, Charlotte; Jon Skinner, University of Georgia; Chase Park, Georgia Southern University; Tyler Happ, Clemson University; Milton Sangabriel, Oglethorpe University; Robby Greenfield, University Of Michigan; Ammon Lakip, Clemson University; Adnan Junuzovic, Clayton State University; Mitch Kupstas, Brown University;  Iain Smith, Clemson University; Josimar Olmos, Georgia Military College.

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