Altidore Shows Maturity in face of Racist Chants
Altidore Shows Maturity in face of Racist Chants avatar

The big USMNT news of the day was last night’s dire draw with Canada, but a look at the bigger picture tempers the sour mood just a bit. Most impressive was Jozy Altidore’s reaction to the disgraceful racist behavior directed toward him during AZ Alkmaar’s 5-0 Dutch Cup semifinal win over second division FC Den Bosch.

The 23 year old American striker kept his composure during the game, even discouraging the referee from abandoning the game. Altidore also made his opponents, and their knucklehead supporters pay, by earning and converting a penalty.

Altidore has flourished these past two seasons in the Eredivisie, setting career season highs in goals scored in each of his two terms in the Netherlands. Numerous teams in Europe’s top leagues have been rumored to be interested in signing Altidore; if those clubs were looking in on Altidore’s post game comments yesterday; they can only have come away impressed.

Altidore handle himself with class and dignity. (Getty Images)

Altidore handled himself with class and dignity. (Getty Images)

Altidore displayed maturity beyond his years, shaming the fools who elevate themselves over this talented and honorable man.

On a lesser note, there was some positive U.S. Soccer news out of Stoke. Geoff Cameron returned to the lineup after missing one game with a slight hamstring problem. Cameron had a solid game, one that was watched by the newest Potter, pending physical and work permit, Brek Shea.

Shea’s on again, off again move, from FC Dallas to Stoke, looks like it will go through now. Who knows if it will work out, but if Shea is healthy, maybe he can recapture the form that had everyone raving just a couple of years ago.

Hopefully Bradley has done enough to cement his place in the starting line up. (Getty Images)

Hopefully Bradley has done enough to cement his place in the starting line up. (Getty Images)

One potential bit of bad news for American players in Europe involves Michael Bradley’s Roma. If the rumors are to be believed, Roma coach, Zdenek Zeman, may be on his way out the door. Zeman brought Bradley in, and has played him consistently. Not to say that a new coach would drop Bradley, but every coach has their favorites.

All of which is to say that regardless of how bad the U.S. were against Canada, and make no mistake, they were awful, the game was still a friendly. The real games start next week in Honduras, where a similar effort to last night’s will provide a genuine cause for panic.


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6 Responses to Altidore Shows Maturity in face of Racist Chants
Altidore Shows Maturity in face of Racist Chants avatar

  1. Kim Swope says:

    Way to go Jozy Altidore! What a role model for our young players.

  2. Marco Tassara says:

    Altidore is a role model. That was probably the most meaningful post game interview I have ever seen. Good things come out of good people.

  3. lisa says:

    great response. interesting how the interviewer seemed to try to get a more negative response out of him. kudos, altidore!

  4. Lydiaxiv says:

    I wish the Dutch hecklers had as much dignity and wisdom as Jozy Altidore.

  5. Jennifer Geiger says:

    I coach children’s soccer. Thank you so much for giving my players someone to look up to. Grace and class. I am very proud that you are an American!

  6. Susan says:

    I will show this interview to my kids when they get home from school today. I often talk about how non-violence is the way to solve problems and Jozy’s interview and response to the hecklers demonstrates how people can rise above the madness and lead the path to a better, more peaceful world.

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