Young Indiana referee speaks out for refs under 14 years
Young Indiana referee speaks out for refs under 14 years avatar

Courtesy of Indiana Soccer

Courtesy of Indiana Soccer

After meeting with the General Council and the Commissioner at the Dept. of Labor earlier this month, 12-year-old soccer referee, Matthew Burkart received a call on Jan. 16 to speak in support of a bill to overturn the 2012 suspension on hiring  referees under the age of 14.

Indiana State law claims that using young referees conflicts with Indiana Child Labor Laws,but Burkart, along with Indiana Soccer president Murray Clark and Indiana State Referee Administrator Samir Yasa, have begun a quest to get kids back out on the field doing what they love.

Burkart’s impressive presentation resulted in the advancement of the bill for further discussion and word of his ambitious efforts has begun to spread.

“Matthew’s performance at the hearing was outstanding,” said Clark in an Indiana Soccer press release.

Yasa added, “I am very pleased with the outcome so far.”

Read the full story at Indiana Soccer’s Website: Click Here

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