New Women’s Professional League has a Name
New Women’s Professional League has a Name avatar

U.S. Soccer tonight announced that the new women’s league will be called the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), and it will make it’s debut in the spring. The league also released their new logo, a silhouette of female player winding up for a shot.

New League's Logo

New League’s Logo

The new league is also asking fans to like the league at their new facebook page at and to follow them on Twitter@NWSL_soccer.  Recently announced Executive Director of the league Cheryl Bailey, said in a statement released by U.S.Soccer. “We are working on finalizing a number of league items, but we now have a name and a logo that we think the fans will identify with and enjoy.” Bailey continued, “this is a league that we have to build from the bottom up and we have a group of dedicated owners and talented support staff at U.S. Soccer to keep this process moving in a positive direction while slowly growing the brand.”

As has been previously reported the league will be made up of eight teams, with the federations of the United States, Canada and Mexico paying the salaries of some of their national team players. U.S. Soccer will subsidize the salaries of up to 24 players, with Canada and Mexico each supporting as many as 16.

The eight teams are, the Boston Breakers, Chicago Red Star, FC Kansas City, Portland Thorns FC, Sky Blue FC, Western New York Flash and Seattle, still unnamed.

7 of the 8 teams logos.

7 of the 8 teams’ logos.

For this league to be the success that U.S.Soccer and fans of the women’s game in the United States would like for it to be, they will obviously need the support of the United States National teamers. Alex Morgan’s remarks were somewhat typical of the feelings expressed by many of her teammates.

“I’m really excited that U.S. Soccer has stepped up, and there is commitment from all sides. There are eight owners, at least that have invested in the Women’s league, but for me, I don’t know exactly want I am going to do. I want to support this league, but I want to make sure that the right steps are taken to make this league the best league in the world, and sustainable.

With this most recent announcement, the league seems to be getting their house in order. Now comes the most important part, making sure that the players that the fans want to see are playing in the National Women’s Soccer League this spring.

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