WU Team “Play it Forward” with TOPSoccer Fundraiser
WU Team “Play it Forward” with TOPSoccer Fundraiser avatar

Each year the WU girls host a clinic to play soccer with the kids (Courtesy of Topeka TOPSoccer)

Play it forward.  It’s a simple slogan that can have multiple meanings, but for the Washburn University women’s soccer team, it represents the sport they love and being able to share that passion with others.

That’s the driving force behind a unique video created by two WU players, Devon Tarantino and Brianna Ament. What started as a class project this past November turned into a way to raise money for TOPSoccer in Topeka, KS, a program that gives children with special needs an opportunity to play their favorite game.

“We just wanted to give them money to work with,” said Tarantino.

Sharing a love for the game (Courtesy of Topeka TOPSoccer)

“Their organization covers everything for them, so sometimes they need equipment replaced that they have had for a long time, such as uniforms.”

Each year WU head coach Tim Collins and Topeka TOPSoccer organize a special clinic for the team to play soccer with the kids, but this year the video was a first time experience.

The two and a half minute clip features each team member as they hold hand-made signs displaying motivational messages of what soccer means to them, what it means for the children in the program.

“It was good for us to get the experience. It’s not your typical community service. We really enjoyed it,” Tarantino remarked.

Enjoying time together (Courtesy of Topeka TOPSoccer)

The video was uploaded to YouTube and entered into a contest to benefit non-profit organizations. The girls took home the $1,000 prize, which will enable Topeka TOPSoccer to buy new equipment and pay hefty facility fees.

In a few simple words, Tarantino sums up what “play it forward” means for the WU team.

“We just wanted to make sure the kids had everything they needed to play the game they love.”

Check out the video: Click Here



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