A Fresh Start for Nelson County Youth Soccer
A Fresh Start for Nelson County Youth Soccer avatar

The Nelson County Youth Soccer Association and Nelson Elite saw the integration of recreational and select players this month, giving rise to the new and improved, Nelson County Soccer Club.

The unification was done to promote team camaraderie within the entire club and not just within team alone. Not stopping there, the newly formed NCSC soared to new heights by partnering with prestigious Sheffield Wednesday North American Academy, whose soccer rich history dates back to 1867. Members look forward to the impact it will have on the club’s soccer future.

NCSA Communications Director, Lee Mattingly tells Kentucky Youth Soccer in an interview, “We are excited about the partnership with Sheffield Wednesday and GIS. The Sheffield Wednesday North American Academy will provide opportunities to both our players and coaches that were not available before. We believe that the expertise of the Sheffield Wednesday staff will provide us the tools to develop our players and the camps will give us a chance to showcase our talent. We look forward to working with the Sheffield Wednesday North American Academy staff and GIS.”

Read the full story at the Kentucky Youth Soccer website: Click Here



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