Families Get Kicking at “Kick It”
Families Get Kicking at “Kick It” avatar

KYSA, Kohl’s Cares and Children’s Mercy S.T.A.R Power Program recently held the successful event, “Kick It,” which provided families with a wonderful experience filled with soccer activities and prizes while also learning about the importance of health and exercise.

The event was free to the public and gave kids a hands on opportunity to get involved in soccer and even meet some local star players! Take a look at some photographs below, and make sure you click here to visit the Kansas Youth Soccer Association Facebook page for a link to the full photo gallery!

Heads up! (Courtesy of KYSA)

Having a blast (Courtesy of KYSA)

Leo Gibson of the Missouri Comets spreads soccer love (Courtesy of KYSA)

Kohl’s donates to S.T.A.R (Courtesy of KYSA)

Learning some soccer drills (Courtesy of KYSA)



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