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Region III ODP Team Pools Selected

The final selections for the Region III ODP Team pools have been determined, with several players chosen from North Texas! A total of 259 North Texas players participated in ODP camps this past summer. Congratulations to those that made the cut and good luck!

Get more information on the Region III team and the team schedule at the North Texas Soccer website:


  • ’99 Boys: Joseph Banul, Jalen James, Eric Secor
  • ’98 Boys: Benjamin Hale, David Martinez
  • ’97 Boys: Noah Crise, Alexis Gomez (alt)
  • ’96 Boys: Eric Ortiz (alt)
  • ’95 Boys: Michael Adams, Evan Bozman, Esai Cortez, Shaun Miltner, Cody Mclemore (alt), Skylar Simmonds (alt)


  •  ’99 Girls: Tabitha Bishop, Rhette Cauilan, Lauren Hinton, Julia Laskaris, Raleigh Loughman, Amber Lyons, Jenna Wilt
  • ’98 Girls: Haley Berg, Ciara Donnelly, Danielle Greenlee, Jordan Harr, Jordan Hill, Ravyn Hoelscher, Kayla Mckeon, Mariah Ruelas
  • ’97 Girls: Mimi Asom
  • ’96 Girls: Brittany Crabtree, Annalyn Kumar, Natalie Mcdonough, Elizabeth Murphy

North Texas ODP Player Selected to National Pool

North Texas ODP player, Jordan Harr, is getting a lot of recognition this year, climbing to the top of her game with hard work and her outstanding skills as a midfielder. She was selected to the National Pool, and is considered one of the top performers in the ’98 girls age group.

Read the full story on this young soccer star by visiting the North Texas Soccer website:

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