Cyclones Show Sportsmanship with Patch Program
Cyclones Show Sportsmanship with Patch Program avatar

(Courtesy of Indiana Soccer)

A soccer team isn’t just a group of athletes playing merely to win and show outstanding ability on the field. It’s something a lot deeper, a second family, the ones you trust and depend upon and they of you. It’s a foundation built upon optimism, motivation, hard work and achieving goals together.

The Seymour Cyclones is a team that epitomizes all of these characteristics and recognizes these same values in other soccer teams as well.

To show appreciation and recognition of exceptional sportsmanship and skills, the Cyclones have implemented a patch program designed not only to award players, but to teach them that reaching a goal is possible with hard work and team support.

Patches are distributed to players during practice when specified goals are accomplished. A player will also be awarded a patch at the conclusion of a game, chosen by the opposing team and whom they believe displayed superb ball handling. The Cyclones do the same for the opposing team, and present their chosen player with a patch of their own.

This inspirational demonstration is well recognized within the Indiana Soccer community, and sets an honorable example for soccer communities everywhere. To read the full story on this admirable team and the details pertaining to their patch program, please visit the Indiana Soccer website:



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