Play where the Sidekicks Play with “Make it-Take it”
Play where the Sidekicks Play with “Make it-Take it” avatar

Picture your team competing on the same field that the Dallas Sidekicks practice and compete on. Well, North Texas Soccer is making that a reality, with the introduction of “Make it- Take it”; a series of tournaments held before Sidekicks games for North Texas youth soccer teams.

North Texas Soccer created this unique and exciting experience in the hopes of bringing the soccer community closer together and to encourage youth participation and fan growth.

Each tournament will consist of a seven-minute sudden death period. The first team to score will advance, and will receive two points.  If the game is a draw, then each team will receive one point. The two teams with the most accumulated points will play in a full 7-minute match to declare the overall champion.

There will be four tournaments held from December 15, 2012 to February 23, 2013. All age groups are welcome to compete. For further details and information on how to qualify, please visit the North Texas Soccer website:


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