North Texas ODP Player Tackles Injuries with “Friends in Kneed”
North Texas ODP Player Tackles Injuries with “Friends in Kneed” avatar

Sprinting down the field, you carefully maneuver the ball, keeping your eyes peeled on the surroundings: the other team gravitating quickly, the goal posts beckoning at the end of the field and a solid grassy green path guiding you into position to make the perfect play….until, in a split second,  something goes terribly wrong- a trip, a collision, an injury occurs, leaving you wondering: “Will I heal completely?”; What do I do now?”; And most importantly, “Can I still play the sport I love?”

Sport related injuries affect athletes everyday (Courtesy of North Texas Youth Soccer Association)

North Texas ODP player, Kris Gordon, understands what it’s like to have an athletic career put to the test because of an injury. Dealing with a sprained MCL, badly torn ACL and a damaged meniscus, she too found herself asking similar questions and was unable to find helpful information for young athletes dealing with the big changes that accompany serious sport related injuries.

Taking matters into her own hands, she created the website “Friends in Kneed,” dedicated to bringing injured athletes together to share their stories and find guidance, friendship and security through similar circumstances.

Kris tells North Texas Youth Soccer, “Friends in Kneed not only encourages and motivates athletes to persevere, it also gives them the support and advice they need in order to succeed. In the future, it is my plan that Friends in Kneed will help provide financial aid to families and athletes that are unable to pay for the cost of surgery and rehabilitation. Friends in Kneed started with my thoughts, struggles and stories, and I am determined to keep it going, and keep it doing well for others.”

To find a link to “Friends in Kneed” and to read the full story on this insightful cause, visit the North Texas Youth Soccer Association’s website:

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