St. Louis Votes No on MLS
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The citizens the City of St. Louis said no to Proposition 2 yesterday likely ending the city’s chance of joining Major League Soccer.

Proposition 1 passed, raising $60 million but voters rejected Prop 2, which would have set aside most of those funds to partially finance a 22,000 seat soccer stadium in downtown St. Louis.

MLS Executive VP of Communications took to twitter with the league’s reaction.

Prior to yesterday’s vote MLS Commissioner Don Garber had said that without a yes vote for Propositions 1 and 2 there would be no MLS team in St. Louis.

11 other cities remain in the running to become franchises 24-28 as the league’s expansion process continues. The groups have all pledged to meet the league’s $150 million expansion fee and will also have to come up with a stadium plan that meets league approval.

Don Garber said there would be no MLS team in St Louis. (ISI Photos/Brad Smith)

It remains to be seen if yesterday’s vote by the people of the City of St. Louis to say no to public money to help billionaire owners fund their stadiums is a once off or if it signifies a new era in the relationship between professional sports franchises and the citizens they purport to represent.

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