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GotSoccer is excited to offer a  local and state news feed on our website homepage, which allows you to enjoy national and local news all in one place. You can customize your GotSoccer page to highlight stories from your home state and even the age-group and gender that you are particularly interested in.

To set up your own personalized news feed, start by locating the Local News bar on the GotSoccer homepage. This displays headlines of stories specific to the preferences you want.

To select preferences, click on the link to Customize Your News Feed, found directly below the local news bar.

This link will take you to News Filters & Homepage Preferences. Here you can personalize the settings to get the local news content desired. The preferences saved on this page can be changed at any time. If you wish to have no preferences and only national news, simply leave it blank or reset the settings on the News Filters & Homepage Preferences page.

The Speed box controls how quickly stories appear on the newsfeed. To speed up or slow down, simply enter the amount of seconds between 2-120 and adjust to your liking. If left blank, stories will automatically change every five seconds.

The Age Group, Gender, Region and State sections allow users to select their preferences and filter out stories that do not pertain. For example, If you are looking for local news for a certain age group in Florida, choose from the options listed in the specified section and this will give your preferred news content. Multiple options in each preference section may be selected.

About Courtney Lambert

A competitive athlete in her college days, Courtney writes on events happening at state and local level. She has previous experience covering news and writing for the Jacksonville Times Union and graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in journalism.
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