U.S. Soccer Announces Recognize to Recover Program
U.S. Soccer Announces Recognize to Recover Program avatar

This month The United States Soccer Federation unveiled the one-of-a-kind health and safety program, Recognize to Recover. This innovative program is geared towards reducing soccer related injuries for players of all ages.

Medical experts helped developed Recognize to Recover, and will aid coaches, players, parents and referees with vital information on injury prevention and management.

Some of the features include information on head injuries, concussions, heat-related illness, dehydration, nutrition and more.

“Recognize to Recover will lead to better awareness and understanding of player health and safety initiatives and strengthen the role parents, players, coaches and officials play in preventing, protecting and addressing injuries,” U.S. Soccer Chief Medical Officer George Chiampas said in a press release. “While U.S. Soccer is launching the framework of Recognize to Recover today, this is just the beginning as more information around specific areas of focus will be rolled out in the coming months.”

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