Colorado Soccer Association Introduces New Logo
Colorado Soccer Association Introduces New Logo avatar

Courtesy of CSA

Courtesy of CSA

Colorado Soccer Association is sporting a sleek new look with the exciting presentation of their new logo last month.

According to the CSA website:

“The concept behind the Colorado Soccer Association (CSA) logo is based on positioning CSA as the leading governing body of soccer in the state of Colorado, setting a strong example regionally and nationally.  Leadership, integrity, a history of excellence, and creating a positive environment for young athletes of all levels are the values communicated in the logo design.”

The graphic elements include a star soccer ball at the top of the brand, which is a literal representation of the sport; but more importantly demonstrates a strong dedication to excellence, providing a high standard of services and programs for its members.

The simple but bold use of the logotype reinforces the professionalism of CSA.

The “C” from the flag of the State of Colorado overlaid against the mountains not only represents our state and its inherent beauty, but also stands for stability, strength and a solid foundation from which young athletes can learn, grow and thrive. 

Regarding color, the blue was selected to represent the Colorado skies, as well as depth and stability. The Gold represents the Colorado sunshine in addition to success, achievement and triumph. The white represents the snowcapped mountains along with balance and completeness. The red represents the land but also strength, power, determination and passion.”

Check it out now!

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