CD Motagua Crowned 2015 USASA Region III Champions
CD Motagua Crowned 2015 USASA Region III Champions avatar

Courtesy of LSA

Courtesy of LSA

Louisiana Soccer players from CD Motagua of New Orleans put on a thrilling performance at the 2015 USASA Region III Open Cup in Dallas, TX this month, cementing a perfect 3-0 on their way to become USASA Region III Champions.

The Cajun Soccer Club also represented Louisiana in the Open Cup and the Crossroads Pool Boys did an exemplary job in the Amateur Cup attending this Regional Event.

Job well done! Check out the results below and for more information please visit the Louisiana Soccer Association website.

USASA Region III Open Cup 2015

CD Motagua – Game 1 Motagua 3 vs. 2 Triangle Brigade (TN); Game 2 Motagua 3 vs. 0 Dallas TNT (TX); Final Motagua 3 vs. 0 NTX Rayados (TX).

Cajun SC – Game 1 Cajun SC 0 vs. 2 NTX Rayados (TX); Game 2 Cajun SC 1 vs. 2 Peshmerger (TN)

USASA Region III Amateur Cup 2015

Crossroads Pool Boys – Game 1 Crossroads Pool Boys 2 vs. 1 Rowlett Raiders FC (TX); Game 2 Crossroads Pool Boys 0 vs. 3 ODA Cueva (OK); Game 3 Crossroads Pool Boys 0 vs. 2 Kickers FC (FL)


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