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The Colorado U14- U18 girls geared up for the finals of the State Cup held September 23, 2012. They delivered solid competition with dogged determination as each team contended for the title of State Cup champion.

U14 girls final: Colorado Storm North vs. FC Boulder

The U14 girls State Cup Championship was dominated by Colorado Storm North, who

The U14 girls battle for the State Cup in the finals (Corbin Elliott Photography)

took on FC Boulder with a close-knit game ending 2-1.

A goal wasn’t scored until the first overtime, when Storm’s Kaila Armstrong hit a powerful right- footed shot from the corner with three minutes left.

Boulder wasn’t too far behind, pushing the game into a second overtime and scoring a goal 30 seconds in to tie it up.

As the second overtime neared its completion, it became clear how badly both teams wanted the championship. A shoot out would determine the champion, and Storm took it home when Mikah Vega, the final shooter, put the ball in the net to settle the score 2-1 and win their first State Cup Championship.

U15 girls final: Pride SC Predators vs. Real Colorado Athletico 9

Last year’s U15 State Cup champions, Pride SC Predators, held on to the title for a second year in a row, beating Real Colorado Athletico 3-2.

The field got quickly heated when Katie Rainsberger headed a cross and scored 15 minutes into the first half.The Real players took quick notice, and the competitve tension thickened as they scored two goals of their own by halftime.

As both teams aggressively pursued the ball across the field, the end of the second half

The U15 girls charge the ball in the finals (Corbin Elliott Photography)

loomed uncertainly for Pride, with Real leading the scoreboard 2-1. With 20 minutes left, Alex Lanning got the ball out on the left side and her shot from 12 yards out wide equalized for Pride.

With the board tied up 2-2, both teams pushed into over time.With three minutes left, Bailey Florek played on the left side and got the ball from behind, sending it into the net to pull Pride up 3-2 to win the championship after a neck to neck battle.

U16 girls final: Arsenal Colorado Gold vs. Real Colorado Olympico

Arsenal Colorado Gold was the U16 champ, taking on the Real Colorado Olympico girls in their first ever journey to the state cup finals. They proceeded to show they are a force to be reckoned with, starting the game off smoothly as Grace Cutler won the end line making a great serve to Bailey Zehr, setting the score at 1-0.

The first and second half was a nail-biter, as both teams aggressively played the ball up and down the field.  Real added to the fire with a goal of their own in the second half, effectively tying things up 1-1.

Arsenal wasn’t about to let that fly, though. Arsenal MVP of the final, Morgan Abbitt, scored the winning goal off of a stunning half-volley from the top of the 18 with only 10 minutes left in the game. Their fierce determination and unwavering momentum displayed consistently throughout the game was well awarded, and they took home their first State Cup Championship title.

U17 girls final: Pride SC Predators vs. Arsenal Colorado

U17 Pride celebrates a fourth State Cup win (Corbin Elliott Photography)


The U17 Pride girls beat Arsenal in the finals on September 23, in a beautifully played game that added a fourth State Cup victory to their belt.

The first goal was scored by Pride 18 minutes into the first half, when Ellen Smith carried the ball over the halfway line and played a combination play with Lauren Vyvlecka, who then served the ball to the back post of the goal.

Pride was just getting started, aggressively scoring a second goal three minutes later when Kyra Darr faked a shoot and passed the ball to Wesley Flood, who scored a goal almost identical to the first.

With the score 2-0 at the half, Arsenal pushed forward diligently, scoring their first goal with a penalty kick. Within five minutes, Pride’s Sara Walters made a beautiful shot, dipping in and shooting the ball right over the goalie’s head and into the net.

Arsenal then took the reigns, putting one last goal in with 10 minutes left to spare. This wouldn’t be enough to catch up, though, and Pride captured the State Cup, finishing the game up with the scoreboard reading 3-2.

U18 girls final: Arsenal Colorado Gold vs. Pride SC Predators

The U18 Arsenal Colorado Gold girls took the final game by storm when they went up against their 2011 State Cup rivals, Pride SC Predators, in a battle to preserve their title.

Their championship status was recognized from the start of the game with their first goal, when Taylor Nelson scored within the first 15 minutes, placing the ball neatly into the far post side netting.

The U18 Pride girls take on Colorado Gold and take home the Championship (Corbin Elliott Photography)

Arsenal continued to conquer throughout the game, as Kasey Dietrich scored an exceptional diagonal run.  Katy Couperous finished off with two more strategically placed goals, shattering the score board with a clean 4-0 lead.

The game wasn’t over yet, as Pride showed great perseverance, delivering two well played goals. It wouldn’t be enough to catch up though, and Arsenal defended their title boldly, earning a second State Championship trophy and establishing themselves as back- to- back state champs!

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