Three Colorado Rush Girls U.S. U17 World Cup team
Three Colorado Rush Girls U.S. U17 World Cup team avatar

As the U17 Women’s U.S. National team gears up for the  World Cup with their upcoming match against France in Azerbaijan, three players join with something special in common: They all play on the club team, Colorado Rush, based  in Littleton, Colorado.

Gabbi Miranda, “Ms. Versatile” to her coach

Gabbi Miranda, 17,  plays left back on the U.S. National team and has been with Colorado Rush since she was 13 years old. According to Bushey,  Miranda is “Ms. Versatile, whether playing on the national team or club.” Her abilities as a hard player and tackler makes her “capable of serving a dangerous ball.”“[Rush] opened its doors to being able to train and work with whomever they want whenever they want,” says Bushey.  “They have had the opportunity to train around a lot of passionate people and players on the team.”

Lizzy  Raben, 17,  plays center back, and came to Colorado Rush when she was 16 years old.

“Lizzy is one of the most mature women I’ve had the opportunity to coach,” says Bushey. “ Her ability to control the back line is excellent.”

Morgan Stanton has been with Rush since starting her soccer career.

Playing midfield for the National team, Morgan Stanton, 17, has been with Rush from the beginning. Bushey describes her as a “play-maker”,  stating,  “ Her technique, style and build allow her to be a creative soccer player- someone who is very confident with the ball.”

All in all, Bushey proudly supports the girls he has watched grow and progress in the game, and share’s his insight on what we can expect to see  when they play in the U17 Women’s World Cup as they represent their country in Azerbaijan on September 22.

“I hope they play to their strengths and bring the best of who they are, their team, and their country. Our club is very proud of them, they represent all of us when they are playing and we wish them the best of luck.”



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