USSoccer Releases Development Academy Futsal Schedule
USSoccer Releases Development Academy Futsal Schedule avatar

Today USSoccer released the U13/14 Development Academy Futsal schedule set to kick off eight regional events starting the weekend of Feb. 1-2.

This weekend 11 Academy teams will gather at the NorCal Courts in Martinez, CA while eight other teams will play at the Orlando Sports Center in Florida. Feb. 8-9 futsal events will be held in Chicago, Los Angeles and North Carolina and also in Austin, TX, King of Prussia, PA and Milford, Conn Feb. 22-23.

“Futsal has a ton of momentum right now,” Development Academy Director of Scouting Tony Lepore told USSoccer. “You need to have strong technique in tight spaces, awareness and quick decision making. Players have three times as many touches on average – if not more – than the outdoor game, and the space is smaller, so it’s much faster thinking. It’s a really valuable platform. We’re hoping that people see the benefits and will also apply futsal to their U-15/16 and U-17/18 programs. The benefits are there for all of the age groups.”

2014 U-13/14 Futsal Schedule

Feb. 1-2:

  • NorCal Courts in Martinez, Calif. (11 teams)
  • Orlando Sports Center in Orlando, Fla. (8 teams)

Feb. 8-9:

  • Chicago Futsal Academy in Chicago, Ill. (10 teams)
  • LA Galaxy Soccer Center in Carson, Calif. (12 teams)
  • Carolina Courts in Concord, N.C. (9 teams)

Feb. 22-23:

  • Austin Sports Center in Austin, Texas (9 teams)
  • Competitive Edge Sports in King of Prussia, Pa. (13 teams)
  • Connecticut Sports Arena in Milford, Conn. (11 teams)


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